Kelkay Water Features is a name synonymous with enhancing outdoor spaces through the magic of flowing water.

These exquisite water features are thoughtfully designed to elevate your landscape, creating a captivating focal point in gardens, courtyards, or patios. With a dedication to both artistry and quality, Kelkay's range of water features provides a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere for any setting.

Whether you desire the soothing sound of a babbling brook or the dramatic allure of a cascading waterfall, Kelkay Water Features bring the magic of moving water to your outdoor environment.

Unleash the power of nature to transform your space with elegance, and let Kelkay Water Features become the centerpiece of your outdoor sanctuary.

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Kelkay Mysterious Moon Water FeatureKelkay Mysterious Moon Water Feature
Kelkay Mysterious Moon Water Feature
Sale price£569.00
Kelkay Otter Pools Water FeatureKelkay Otter Pools Water Feature
Kelkay Otter Pools Water Feature
Sale price£269.99
Kelkay  Garda Falls Water FeatureKelkay  Garda Falls Water Feature
Kelkay Garda Falls Water Feature
Sale price£469.99
Kelkay Hinoki Springs Water FeatureKelkay Hinoki Springs Water Feature
Kelkay Hinoki Springs Water Feature
Sale price£419.00
Kelkay Knotted Willow Falls Water FeatureKelkay Knotted Willow Falls Water Feature
Kelkay Knotted Willow Falls Water Feature
Sale price£419.99
Kelkay Colorado Falls Water FeatureKelkay Colorado Falls Water Feature
Kelkay Colorado Falls Water Feature
Sale price£419.00