Palram is a brand dedicated to shaping outdoor and indoor spaces with precision through a range of high-quality solutions in the areas of greenhouse, polycarbonate panels, and outdoor coverings.

Specializing in crafting environments that nurture growth, protect against the elements, and provide versatile shading options, Palram offers an extensive selection of products to enhance your outdoor and indoor living experience.

Each product is meticulously designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your gardening, shading, and sheltering needs are met with both quality and style.

With Palram, you can create a space that is built to last and cater to your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a greenhouse to nurture your plants, polycarbonate panels to cover your outdoor areas, or other outdoor covering solutions, Palram's commitment to innovation and design ensures that your space becomes a testament to precision and functionality.

Explore their collection, and let Palram be your partner in shaping environments where light, shade, and shelter combine seamlessly, making every moment spent in your space a reflection of precision and craftsmanship.

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Palram-Canopia Milano 3000 Gazebo
Palram-Canopia Milano 3000 Gazebo
Regular price £1,125.00 Sale price£1,029.00
Palram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular Gazebo
Palram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular Gazebo
Regular price £1,405.00 Sale price£1,289.00
Canopia By Palram Sanremo 3m x 3.05m Grey Veranda