Hot Tub Shelters

If you've purchased a hot tub this year, no doubt you want to use it over and over again. But as the winter months come into play then you'll need some cover for your hot tub.

Now you're thinking, I need some ideas!

This is where a Metal Gazebo comes into play and is the perfect garden structure to install in your garden as a hot tub shelter!

Not only will it add plenty of character to your garden but a Hot Tub Shelter or Metal Gazebo will allow you to bathe in the hot tub protected from the element and when your hot tub is not in use you can entertain guests underneath it.

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Palram-Canopia Milano 3000 GazeboPalram-Canopia Milano 3000 Gazebo
Palram-Canopia Milano 3000 Gazebo
Regular price £1,125.00 Sale price£1,029.00
Palram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular GazeboPalram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular Gazebo
Palram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular Gazebo
Regular price £1,405.00 Sale price£1,289.00
Palram Canopia Dallas 4300 GazeboPalram Canopia Dallas 4300 Gazebo
Palram Canopia Dallas 4300 Gazebo
Regular price £2,575.00 Sale price£2,339.00
Shire Gazebo 7x6
Shire Gazebo 7x6
Sale priceFrom £360.00
Palram-Canopia Milano 4300 GazeboPalram-Canopia Milano 4300 Gazebo
Palram-Canopia Milano 4300 Gazebo
Regular price £1,799.00 Sale price£1,679.00
Palram Canopia Roma Hexagonal GazeboPalram Canopia Roma Hexagonal Gazebo
Palram Canopia Roma Hexagonal Gazebo
Regular price £2,169.00 Sale price£2,159.00