Metal Gazebos

Metal is often used for outdoor furniture and structures owing to its durability and resistance to the elements.

With pre-treated metals lasting in excess of two decades, it is little wonder.

It's no wonder Metal Gazebos in the UK have become very popular in people's gardens as they certainly will withstand the great British weather!

These types of gazebos do cost more than the cheaper garden gazebos, you know the type, those flimsy pop up ones that last a year then break!

Metal gazebos on the other hand are built to last for longer life spans hence the difference in price and are more of a permanent garden structure.

But when it comes to choosing the best Metal Gazebo, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed at the choice. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Palram-Canopia Milano 3000 GazeboPalram-Canopia Milano 3000 Gazebo
Palram-Canopia Milano 3000 Gazebo
Regular price £1,125.00 Sale price£1,029.00
Palram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular GazeboPalram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular Gazebo
Palram Canopia Martinique 3600 Rectangular Gazebo
Regular price £1,405.00 Sale price£1,289.00
Palram Canopia Dallas 4300 GazeboPalram Canopia Dallas 4300 Gazebo
Palram Canopia Dallas 4300 Gazebo
Regular price £2,575.00 Sale price£2,339.00
Palram-Canopia Milano 4300 GazeboPalram-Canopia Milano 4300 Gazebo
Palram-Canopia Milano 4300 Gazebo
Regular price £1,799.00 Sale price£1,679.00
Palram Canopia Roma Hexagonal GazeboPalram Canopia Roma Hexagonal Gazebo
Palram Canopia Roma Hexagonal Gazebo
Regular price £2,169.00 Sale price£2,159.00
Palram Canopia Palermo 3000 GazeboPalram Canopia Palermo 3000 Gazebo
Palram Canopia Palermo 3000 Gazebo
Sale price£1,219.00