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Norlog Ponds

Norlog Ponds


Here at Garden and Patio we have a number of the Norlog Raised Fish Ponds for sale and in stock which you can see at the very bottom of this page.

Now, let's talk a little more about Norlog and their different wooden raised fish ponds!

Who is Norlog Ponds?


Norlog Ponds are the specialist manufacturer of raised inter log fish ponds.

Their unique method of using logs that interconnect has become very popular amongst fish keepers and hobbyists.

The ponds are very robust and are easy to set up within a matter of an hour or 2.


Norlog Raised Fish Pond

Easy set up and long lasting are always things any customer looks for when purchasing a pond. Norlog Ponds have gone to great care to ensure that these two elements are met and that you as the customer end up with a great fish pond at an affordable price.

There are a variety of sizes of fish ponds to choose from and we'll go over a few of these now. 


 What are the Raised Ponds that Norlog Ponds Make?


Norlog 260 Gallon Raised Decorative Wooden
Koi Fish Pond with Sump

Norlog 260 Gallon Raised Decorative Wooden Koi Fish Pond with Sump


The Norlog 260 gallon Koi fish pond with sump provides a well made and attractive place to keep all your favorite fish.

Made from treated Swedish timer, it will sit wonderfully in any garden and become a focal point.

  • Generously spacious koi fish pond
  • Interlocking timber design
  • 10 year timber warranty for peace of mind
  • Strong EPDM rubber liner with 2 year warranty
  • Sump is included



Width: 167cm 
Height: 62cm




Norlog 300 Gallon Raised Decorative
Wooden Fish Pond


Norlog 300 Gallon Fish pond


The Norlog 300 Gallon Raised Decorative Wooden Fish Pond stands out in any garden and provides the perfect place to keep all your favorite fish!

Constructed from high quality, pressure treated timber logs, Norlog has made it extremely easy to assemble with their innovative interlocking system.

The timber logs have been pressure treated to provide long-lasting protection against rot and decay.

Norlog provides a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, for peace of mind.

The PVC liner used to line the pond comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • 10 year anti-rot guarantee
  • Raised pond with 3 seats
  • Fully fitted PVC liner (2 year warranty)
  • Quality Swedish timber, sustainably sourced
  • Fountain/pump not included (sold separately below)



At the bottom of this page is a full selection of Norlog Fish Ponds 
for you to view



What is a Norlog raised Fish Pond?

Norlog raised fish ponds or also known as above ground fish ponds are easier to maintain than an in-ground pond.  They are as their name states, a fish pond that is raised above the ground and not below ground/surface.  

How deep should a norlog raised pond be?

If you plan on keeping fish in the pond rather than it be for a fountain feature then ideally no less than 1 meter in depth is what you should aim for. This will allow enough room for the fish to move and live and oxygen within the pond. 

Do you need to insulate a norlog raised pond?

The Norlog raised ponds have very good liners which will hold the water securely, unless you live in a severe freezing location then you may wish to install a small pond heater in the winter times to keep the water from freezing over. In most cases you wont require one as the circulation of the water will keep any ice away and the fish at a safe temperature. 

Can fish live in Norlog Raised Fish Ponds?

Norlog Raised fish ponds are more than suitable for keeping fish. The only things you need to consider are oxygen for the fish and temperature control during summer or winter. Raised fish ponds are ideal for most fish including koi.

Are Norlog raised ponds good?

Norlog raised ponds are a very good way to introduce yourself to keeping fish in your garden. They are easy to assemble and can be built in a matter of hours. They are also very sturdy and allow fish to thrive in their natural environment.

Will a raised pond freeze?

Most ponds in the UK will not freeze but will certainly reduce immensely in the winter months. It's advisable to keep a minimum temperature in the pond over winter in order to help your fish stay alive during the colder months. Experts advise that temperatures under 6c may cause suffering.

Where can i find a raised pond for sale near me?

Here on the Garden & Patio website, we have a number of Norlog raised ponds for sale and all with free delivery to mainland UK postcodes.


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Below we have a further selection of Norlog Fish Ponds for you to view