Can You Put A Gazebo On Grass? You'll be surprised!

When it comes to picking your perfect gazebo, you may be wondering where to place it, on the patio slabs, on the deck or on the grass! Today we'll give a few things to consider before putting your gazebo on grass.

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Can you put a Gazebo on Grass?

The quick a simple answer to this question is yes you can put a gazebo on grass. This will depend on the type of gazebo you have and how it is to be installed in your garden. You'll also need to consider if the gazebo has an open floor and open sides as this will allow the air to flow around the gazebo and enable the grass to live and grow. The simple pop up type of gazebos or metal gazebos are ideal for going on grass. pop up gazebo on grass

What types of gazebos can go on grass?

The best gazebos to put on grass are metal gazebos that are open from 4 sides. The type of gazebo that requires you to place a footings in the ground and possibly concrete in and around the footings. These type of gazebos are usually made from aluminium and are build to last for many years. Palram make these type of gazebos as well as other manufacturers, we have a collection of these types of gazebos which you view here. Wooden gazebos are also fine to put on grass but again ideally they should have an open floor and sides and allow for the air flow to pass so that the grass can survive and receive light. Best Selling Gazebos

What do you put on the grass under the gazebo?

If your objective is to stop the grass from growing up to high underneath the gazebo then a grass matt or weed matt can be used. Bear in mind though that this will slowly kill off the area of grass the matt is covering as grass needs water, light and oxygen to grow. A grass or weed matt is a good solution for this if you are not bothered about the grass dying in that area. If you are bothered about your grass not dying then it would be a better idea to have an open floor gazebo as see here. gazebo on grass

Will a gazebo kill my grass?

Grass requires light, water and oxygen to grow. If your gazebo will be covering the grass its upon then overtime the grass is likely to die. Just as people walking over that area continuously will also wear away the grass and over time it will disappear or die. If you dont want your grass to die , the best type of gazebo to use would be the pop up gazebo type where it can be erected for the day and taken down at the end of the day or use. These type of gazebos are also easy to set up and secure to the ground.

How do you secure a gazebo on grass?

There are several ways to secure a gazebo to the ground:

Gazebo spikes

Gazebo spikes are a lot more robust than the stand tent pegs you may use for a tent when camping. They are usually made of galvanised steel and can be driven into the grass by using a hammer to place them and then hook the gazebo frame to them to secure it in place. gazebo spikes

Tent pegs

Tent pegs are also an option to secure the gazebo to the grass but would only be suitable for the more lightweight type of pop up gazebo. Using tent pegs for this type of gazebo would make it a lot easier to remove them when taking the gazebo down at the ed of the day or when not in use. tent pegs

Concrete footings

Concrete footings are a permanent solution to secure your gazebo on grass. This type of set up requires some skill and planning. you need to consider your lawn area being level and whether or not you want to have a concrete footing in your garden. This type installation though would be used for gazebos with wide legs frames and a more heavy duty type of gazebo. gazebo concrete footing

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So as you can see above  it is possible to put a gazebo on grass. In fact there are several types of gazebos yo put put on grass. We've written up a bit more about these types of gazebos here: >> Metal gazebos >> Heavy Duty Gazebos >> Hot tub gazebos >> Pop up Gazebos with sides