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Best Metal Gazebo UK

Best Metal Gazebos UK

Metal is often used for outdoor furniture and structures owing to its durability and resistance to the elements. With pre-treated metals lasting in excess of two decades, it is little wonder.

Its no wonder Metal Gazebos in the UK have become very popular in peoples gardens as they certainly will withstand the great British weather!

These types of gazebos do cost more than the cheaper garden gazebos, you know the type, those flimsy pop up ones that last a year then break!

Metal gazebos on the other hand are built to last for longer life spans hence the difference in price and are more of a permanent garden structure.

But when it comes to choosing the Best Metal Gazebo UK, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed at the choice. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


What are the Best Metal Gazebos in the UK?


Palram Dallas 4300 Metal Gazebo


palram dallas gazebo 6100


Whether you want a metal gazebo that will fit into a small corner of the garden or something grand and suitable for large groups of people, you aren’t limited on choice.

Palram is one of the top names in the metal gazebo world and so it comes as no surprise that this is an incredibly high-quality structure. Not only this, but for those looking for something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, this is a must have. 

The Dallas 4300 metal gazebo is made from durable aluminium which is rust-resistant and extremely sturdy. Suitable for use in all weather conditions, even harsher ones, the Dallas 4300 offers protection from the elements all year round. 

Owing to its large size and excellent stability, this gazebo will require four people for assembly. But with pre-drilled holes and clear instructions, it won’t be an infuriating experience.


  • UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • Amazing durability suitable for harsh weather
  • Treated aluminium frame
  • Easy to assemble and relocate
  • Rust-resistance
  • Easy to maintain


  • 10 year warranty
  • 14 x 12 feet


Glendale Highfield Grey Gazebo


Glendale Highfiled Gazebo

For something a little more affordable, the Glendale Highfield gazebo in grey is the perfect choice. But just because it comes in at a less eye-watering price, that doesn’t mean that the quality is lacking.

Far from it, the Glendale Highfield is made with sturdy steel and incredibly heavy-duty fixings to reinforce this stability. 

This gazebo creates a striking focal point in the garden while offering the utmost in protection from the sun and rain. The polyester canopy is fully waterproof and lined with PVC and there is an option to install the side curtains for further protection or privacy.


  • Waterproof
  • Steel frame for stability
  • High quality, heavy-duty fixings
  • Polyester canopy
  • Optional curtains
  • Attractive design


  • 5m x 2.5m
  • 35kg

Outsunny 3 x 3m Outdoor Gazebo


 outsunny metal gazebo




If you are looking for something that is a little different to the traditional design of a metal garden gazebo then this Outsunny structure may be for you.

It features an ornate frame made from steel which is not only beautiful but also extremely stable and durable. 

Moreover, the Outsunny gazebo offers 3m x 3m of space which is perfect for placing your family outdoor dining set and enjoying larger gatherings.

The vented canopy allows for excellent air flow so you’ll never feel too warm. What’s more, the coated fabric is waterproof and will protect you from UV rays. 

Maintaining a gazebo has never been easier than with the Outsunny and this is thanks to several features.

Primarily, the coated steel is rust-resistant so once the structure is up, you don’t need to worry about getting it in when it rains. The tear resistant canopy boasts an anti-aging design so it will always look incredible in your garden.


  • Strong steel frame
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • Ornate design
  • Vented roof
  • Spacious
  • Low maintenance
  • Secure and includes ground stakes


  • 3m x 3m
  • 6m high


Casaria Metal Garden Gazebo 3 x 4m

casaria garden gazebo




For anyone who is looking to create a striking focal point in the garden, this metal-framed black gazebo offers the perfect solution.

But more than just looking amazing, the Casaria also boasts extra room for larger families and those who like to have frequent garden parties. 

The gazebo is made with a solid metal frame and comes with a tear-resistant canopy that can be easily attached.

What’s more, the canopy benefits from up to 50+UV protection so is perfect for those hot summer afternoons when you need to escape the sun.

The canopy is also 100% water resistant thanks to a PVC coating on the inside.


  • Spacious
  • Comes in a choice of six colours
  • Waterproof
  • UV protection
  • Tear-resistant canopy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good air circulation
  • Very stable frame
  • Ropes, mounting material and carry bag included


  • 3m x 4m
  • 6m high

Norfolk Leisure Pandora Leaf Pergola 3x3.6m 





The Pandora Leaf Pergola 3.0x3.6m is the gazebo to give you the best of both worlds and would be a beautiful addition to your garden or patio.

This Gazebo offers a sturdy, rust free aluminium frame and adjustable slatted roof allowing a choice to enjoy the sun or filter it out quickly with the simple turn of a handle.

The weather resistant textilene panels are built to last and will not fade or deteriorate. The perfect pergola of choice and new to the UK.


  • Sturdy anthracite grey aluminium frame
  • Adjustable Roof With Grey Textilene Slats
  • Ground securing holes
  • Includes turning handle
  • Some assembly required


Roof Width: 360cm
Roof Depth: 300cm
Roof Height: 226cm


Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate Gazebo 3x3.6M Anthracite


The Runcton Polycarbonate Garden Gazebo 3x3.6 m in Anthracite is a beautiful addition to your garden or patio.

This Gazebo offers a sturdy anthracite metal gazebo frame and angled roof providing protection from the sun or rain.

The Runcton polycarbonate roof gazebo also includes a set of curtains and netting for enclosed alfresco dining or to keep any insects out during the night.


  • Sturdy aluminium grey powder-coated frame
  • Angled polycarbonate canopy
  • Curtains and Nets included
  • Assembly required


      Roof Width: 3.6M
      Roof Depth: 3M
      Roof Height: 263cm


      Things To Consider When Buying A Metal Gazebo in the UK

      Although choosing your favourite metal gazebo uk by the way it looks is important, there are other things that you must think about to make sure you get something that will serve you for many years to come.

      Cheap Metal Gazebos for Sale

      It's no secret, there are plenty of cheap metal gazebos for sale in the UK. most of these gazbeos are made from steel which as a material will work for a metal gazebo but in the short, to medium term, it will no doubt rust. Rendering you with an unsuitable and unsightly garden structure. Try to go for an aluminium gazebo as these will last much longer and are less prone to rusting.

      Weather Resistance

      Metal is an incredibly durable material but not in its rawest form. When looking at metal gazebo frames, you must make sure that the metal used has been treated. Powder coating is the most common method for things like steel and aluminium and this offers a good degree of rust proofing. 

      As well as this, you should think about whether the canopy offers waterproofing and if the material is resistant to UV damage or aging.


      If you are putting a gazebo up by yourself then it is essential that the structure is not too heavy.

      Since aluminium and steel are often used to make the frame, the good news is that these are lightweight materials. However, aluminium is always lighter but may not offer quite as much structural integrity as steel.


      It is important to think about the weather conditions that your metal gazebo will be in. If you are temporarily erected the structure for the summer months, the chances are that the most it will need to face is a few showers. 

      However, if you are looking for a year-round metal gazebo then you will need to find one that is reinforced and comes with high-quality fixings. This will ensure that harsh gusts of wind won’t disturb its integrity.


      The size of your garden will determine the size of the gazebo that you can install.

      However, just because you have a large garden it doesn’t mean that you need a mammoth gazebo.

      You should think about how many people will be using the structure and how often. 

      For something occasional, you may only require a small gazebo whereas those who regularly entertain guests may need something a little more substantial.

      Price Point

      As usual, the more you pay, the better the quality of the product you will get (not in all cases but most!) If you have a tight budget it will restrict your choices for purchasing a metal gazebo, at least a good quality one anyway. If money is not an issue then you can easily get a top-quality metal garden gazebo. Before you buy any model make sure that you include all the accessories and costs associated with installing a gazebo(unless you'll be installing it yourself).  From £1000 upwards will get you a really solid and well manufactured 3m x 3m metal garden gazebo.


      How long do metal gazebos last?

      The length of time your metal gazebo lasts will depend on the quality of the materials and how well you take care of it. On the whole, you can expect a good-quality metal gazebo to last around 15 years provided that it is well-maintained.

      Should a metal gazebo be grounded?

      Since you are probably going to be spending a substantial amount of your gazebo, you want to make sure that it is protected.

      Even in good conditions, there is always a risk of something happening so grounding your gazebo is the best way to prevent it, regardless of the material it is made from. 

      Which is better, steel or aluminium gazebo?

      Steel is a strong material that will stand the test of time but aluminium offers all of this as well as being lightweight. Moreover, aluminium is more widely recyclable so when you finish with your metal gazebo, you can be kind to the planet when disposing of it.

      Can a gazebo withstand wind?

      Whether or not a gazebo will stand up to high winds depends on how stable it is, its weight, and how well put together it is. However, on average, a metal gazebo should be able to withstand winds of up to 70km/h if it is of a high quality.

      Are metal garden gazebos worth it?

      Yes metal garden gazebos are definitely worth it. With the advancement in technology and materials used, metal gazebos are definitely worth it and will usually last 15 plus years if looked after properly.

      Where can i buy a metal gazebo in the UK?

      You can find plenty available here on the garden and patio website from a range of different brands and at a range of prices to suit your budget.


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