SunStone Outdoor Kitchen Ruby Series Companion Pro


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SunStone Ruby Series Companion Pro


Sunstone® Ruby Series Companion Pro™ features Infrared burners up-to 30,000 BTU’s. The Companion Pro allows you to Grill, Sear, Griddle, Charcoal Smoking, Deep Frying & Steaming all within this Multi-Functional Burner.

Furthermore, the base burner includes the 304 SS Cooking Grid, with the Warming rack below. Upgrade to any of the inserts including the Solid Steel Griddle, the Charcoal Tray for the best in flavorful smoky, tender tasting food. Or try the Deep-Fryer insert which includes Commercial Sized Basket, Cover & Elevated Steamer.

Above all, to get the highest searing, insert the Pro-Searing Grid with Perforated holes across the bottom. This locks in the heat across the cooking surface providing you searing temperatures on demand up-to 1200 degrees.

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