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Pyramid Patio heater

Pyramid Patio heater


If you are thinking to buy a pyramid patio heater than you are in the right place!

Today i will walk you through the things to consider and the best pyramid patio heaters we have here for sale on our store, garden and patio.

What is a Pyramid Patio heater?

A pyramid patio heater is a type of garden heater that can be used in the garden or on in your patio. 

Many people use them to add some warmth to their dining or lounge area and creates a warm ambience for them and their guests to enjoy.

A pyramid patio heater is in essence the same as a normal shaped gas patio heater although it has a pyramid or protrding cone shape wider at the bottom of the patio heater structure and gradually beocming a point towards the top end of the heater hence the name pyramid.

These types of heater have become very popular over the past years and have also become more affordable for most households to own one.

Some of the heaters are manufactured in the UK but most are imported from asia. The quality is of a high standard and compliant with the health and safety regulations required for residential usage in the united kingdom.

The heaters are usally constructed from stainless steel and can withstand heat and rain and cold as the weather in the UK can in the winter become very cold.


What type of fuel should i use for my patio heater?

The pyramid heaters mainly run off LPG, Butane or propane and they usually come with a regulator or hose to connect the gas bottle to the patio heater.

The use of these types of gases has become popular in the UK with the pyramid heaters and they can be easily sourced in most towns or cities.

Many of the gas companies will actually deliver the required gas bottle to your home which is perfect and extremely convenient.


How warm will my patio heater be?

Having researched a number of the patio heaters available on the market, we have found that they generally produce 13kW of heat.

The radius of heat produced will be enough to cover a 10-15sqm area.  Table top pyramids offer up to 5sqm of heat.

If your patio heater has reflectors, then this can help to increase the radius of heat produced as the reflectors help to spread the heat further around the given area.


Are patio heaters safe?

Yes, patio heaters are safe to use and have been safely being used now for many years. 

As with any appliance, they have to be health and safety tested and follow a set of standards before being able to be used by the general population.

It should also be noted that you must follow the manufacturer instructions when using the heater to help avoid any accidents and store the heater safely when not in use.


What is the best pryamid patio heater?

Here at Garden and Patio, we have on offer the Lifestyle Appliances Patio Heater range. There are several to choose from, some even with LED lights!

You can view the whole patio heater range including our pyramid heaters here:

Pyramid Patio Heaters