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We are Open and Delivering : Free Delivery included on All Orders!
We are Open and Delivering : Free Delivery included on All Orders!

Best Fire Pit Bowl

Best Fire Pit Bowl 

If you are thinking to buy a Fire Pit Bowl than you are in the right place!

Today i will walk you through the things to consider and the best fire pit bowls we have here for sale on our store garden and patio.

What is a Fire Pit Bowl?

A fire pit bowl is a type of heating element you can use in your garden or patio in order to burn a fuel be it wood or paper. 

Many people use them to add some warmth to their dining or lounge area and create a warm and cosy ambience for them and their guests to enjoy on nice evenings in their garden.

A fire pit bowl is in essence the same as a normal shaped fire pit although it has a round or circular shape hence the name "bowl".

These types of fire pits have become very popular in recent years and have also become more affordable for most households to purchase one.

Some of the fire pits are manufactured in the UK but most are imported from asia. The quality is of a high standard and compliant with the health and safety regulations required for residential usage in the united kingdom.

The fire pits are usally constructed from a variety of materials such as steel, iron or clay or MGO and can withstand heat and rain and cold as the weather in the UK can in the winter become very cold.


What type of fuel should i use for my fire pit bowl?

Most commonly used for fuel in the fire pit bowls are wood or paper.

The use of these types of fuels is very common as the materials of wood and paper are very easy to come by and most households have them lying around.

Of course there are certain types of wood that will burn for longer and also produce more heat than others. These types of wood can be obtained or purchased through a local garden centre, wood merchant or frm the internet and be delivered convneintly to your home.


How warm will my fire pit be?


If you've ever sat around a camp fire at night and felt the lovely warm heat then most of the fire pits you will be able to buy on our store will produce that kind of heat.

They are a perfect way to provide more warmth and comfort to you, your family or guests when entertaining at home. 

Are fire pits safe?

Yes, fire pits are safe to use and have been safely being used now for many years. 

As with any appliance, they have to be health and safety tested and follow a set of standards before being able to be used by the general population.

It should also be noted that you must follow the manufacturer instructions when using the fire pit bowl to help avoid any accidents and store the heater safely when not in use.


What is the best fire pit bowl?

Here at Garden and Patio, we have on offer a range of fire pits from Gardeco , Lifestyle Appliances and La Hacienda. There are several to choose fromin different shapes and sizes!

You can view our fire pit range here >> : Fire Pits