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Best Table Top Patio Heater UK

Best Table Top Patio Heater


A patio heater is a great way to keep you warm and allows you to spend longer in your garden, without feeling the chill.

However, if you have a smaller patio, you might not have room for a large appliance but the good news is that there are some great table top patio heaters on the market.

What Are The Best Table Top Patio Heaters?

We have recently been checking out a whole host of table top patio heaters and we have to say that we have been vastly impressed by a lot of them.

However, we have whittled it down to four of what we consider to be the very best.

Outsunny 12KW Patio Heater



One of the first things we noticed about this table top patio heater was just how aesthetically pleasing it is.

The beautiful wicker table would make a stunning addition to any garden and offers a natural look.

Moreover, it is made from high quality materials including stainless steel for excellent stability and durability.


The HOMCOM table top patio heater is powered by gas and features a larger than average fuel space with a wide opening to allow for easy fuel changes.


  • Beautiful design
  • Wide opening for fuel
  • Very stable
  • Made from powder coated stainless steel
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Easily adjustable heat settings


  • 7kg
  • 27cm x 27cm x 218cm


La Hacienda Tabletop Halogen Heater





Featuring a sleek silver design, this heater is perfect for those who want to put a modern touch to their garden.

It has an IP44 rating making it water resistant and weatherproof, ideal for use outdoors; that said, it can be used indoors too. 

The La Hacienda heater is powered by mains electricity and offers up to 5000 hours of use.

It is incredibly safe and the material remains cool to touch while effectively heating the surrounding air; great for homes with children.

What’s more, it features a weighted base so this is an extremely stable piece of equipment.


  • Mains electric powered
  • Great stability
  • Safe to use
  • Modern design
  • Weather resistant
  • 2100w
  • Infrared heating elements
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • 50cm x 50cm x 89cm
  • 8kg


BRIAN & DANY Tabletop Portable Fireplace





If you want to move away from the traditional tabletop patio heater design then this could be the product you are looking for.

It features a fireplace design that is compact enough to be used on even the smallest tables. What’s more, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


You will get 1 hour of burn time for each full fuel tank and the tabletop patio heater comes with safety panels, which is a huge plus.

One of the most attractive things about this one is that you have the advantage of a flickering flame which adds the perfect ambiance to your garden gathering.


  • Compact and portable
  • Stable base
  • Safety panels
  • Ideal for very small spaces
  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Comes with a fire snuffer


  • Puts out 2000BTUs
  • 63kg
  • 1cm x 19.6cm x 7.5cm


Martello Infrared Table Top Patio Heater




This patio heater comes in a choice of sizes ranging from small to large and boasts a 700w capacity making it great for smaller spaces.

It is made with safety in mind and has features such as an auto off switch as well as staying cool during use. What’s more, it comes with an IPX4 rating and a two year warranty.


The Martello infrared table top patio heater benefits from adjustable heat settings making it one of the morse versatile products on our list.

What’s more, this one also features whisper quiet operation so your gathering won’t be disturbed by any noise.


  • Silent
  • Great stability - anti tip design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with good safety features
  • Choice of sizes
  • Adjustable heat
  • Doesn’t get hot to touch
  • Energy efficient


  • 23cm x 23cm x 41cm
  • 7kg

What To Consider When Buying A Table Top Patio Heater

When you come to buy a table top patio heater, there are a couple of things that we would suggest you keep in mind before committing to a purchase.

Our handy buying tips will help you to choose a product that is right for you.

How Is The Patio Heater Powered?

Table top patio heaters are typically powered by either gas or electricity.

There is no type of power that is considered to be better than the other but there are situations in which each would be better.

For example, if your seating area is further away from the main house then it would be unrealistic to run an extension cable across the garden to plug in your heater.

In this instance, we would suggest a gas heater. 

However, gas heaters do come with the added cost of buying gas canisters.

Of course, you will have to foot the electric bill when using a mains heater but the cost of this is likely to be less than buying gas.


One of the most imperative things to look for when you buy a table top patio heater is that it is safe to use.

Most manufacturers will include a selection of safety features but which you need the most will depend on your situation. 

If you have children and pets, you may wish to get a table top patio heater that has an anti tip design.

If the table is knocked then you won’t have the worry of the appliance toppling to the ground.

However, it is also good to have an auto-off switch that activates in the event that the heater does fall over. 

There are also table top patio heaters that use an infrared element and this means that the outer casing won’t become too hot to the touch.

This is once again ideal for homes where there are children but is a good all-round safety feature too.

Durability And Design

You want your patio heater to look the part and the good news is that there are many different designs to choose from.

But this is not as important as choosing a table top patio heater that is made from durable and good quality materials. 

You should also check the waterproof rating which is given as an IP rating. This tells you how resistant to moisture and dust the appliance is,


How many BTUs do I need to heat my patio?

BTUs or British Thermal Units tell you how much output your patio heater gives. With smaller table top appliances, you will find that they put out fewer BTUs but as a general rule, you don’t need as much when heating a small area.

Anything over 550ft² will require at least 12,000 BTUs but in the case of a mini patio you might only need around 2000-5000.


Are table top patio heaters good?

A table top patio heater makes a great alternative to a fire pit and they are often considered to be much safer.

However, the table top patio heater is only as good as the area it is heating and so it is important to choose one that is designed for the size patio you are trying to warm up. 

How much clearance do you need over a patio heater?

No matter whether you are using a table top patio heater or a full sized one, you must ensure that there is at least three feet of clearance above the appliance.

Around the sides, there should be unlimited free space and you should never try to enclose the heater in a case or place items too close to it.

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