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We are Open and Delivering : Free Delivery included on All Orders!
We are Open and Delivering : Free Delivery included on All Orders!

Mspa Hot Tub

Mspa Hot Tub


Looking for an Mspa Hot Tub?

If so you are in the right place!

At Garden and Patio we carry a number of the Mspa Hot Tub range from 4 seaters to 6 seaters inflatable hot tubs with Free delivery to most postcodes in the UK.


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About Mspa Hot Tubs

Inflatable Hot Tubs have become very popular in the UK over the past few years. They offer an affordable hot tub spa at and affordable price vs the regular hot tubs which can go into the thousands.

Mspa Hot Tubs have rapidly grown in the UK and have gained a lot of traction and market share and become well known for their innovative,  smart and durable portable hot tubs.

There are several ranges of hot tubs to choose from with Mspa such as the Frame Series, Muse Series, Urban Series, Premium Series , Comfort Series and the Lite Series, all with their own features and benefits.


MSpa Urban Rimba Hot Tub 6 people

mspa-rimba-hot-tubMSpa RIMBA Hot Tub is nicely made in a very subtle blueberry color with the iconic MSpa embossed fabric. Partnered with the smart cream liner for a feeling of soft and warm. 

It’s a signature piece from URBAN range represents the very best in MSpa design, made for modern lifestyle family.
The smartest inflatable spa EVER. Brand new experience of getting ready for a hydro-massage! Release your hands, enjoy a cup of coffee while watching your spa stand up by itself! Press BUBBLE & UP button for inflation. 
AUTO detects the air pressure and AUTO stops the inflation when ready.
Why Rimba:
  • Wired controller
  • Heat tech
  • Variable bubble speeds
  • O3 ozonator
  • Energy saving timer
  • Smart filtration
  • Child safety
  • Anti-icing system
  • Antibacterial
  • UVC sanitiser

What's included:
  • Filter cartridge x2 & cartridge base
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Inflation hose
  • Top lid wth buckle
  • Inflatable bladder
  • Heat preservation mat
  • Wrench
  • Owner's manual
Mspa warranty: 2 years on the pump and 1 year on the liner.

MSpa Tekapo Delight Comfort Spa 6 people

 mspa-tekapo-delight-hot-tubTEKAPO features a metallic blue inner wall. The resplendent color will please your eyes even without water in it. Over one hundred dynamic air jets help you to stretch out and relax for an invigorating bubble massage spa.

COMFORT collection, just like its name, offers a easeful air bubble massage by delivering thousands of bubbles that thoroughly massage the body for an invigorating experience. All models in this collection bear the latest UVC function, to make sure you enjoy a clean and healthy water massage.


  • BUBBLE AIR JETS: 132 effervescent air jets deliver thousands of gentle, caressing bubbles that massage your body
  • RHINO TECH: Charcoal grey Rhino Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC cover material
  • SAFETY BUCKLE COVER FOR CHILD SAFETY: Safety buckle design connects the top lid to the ground mat
  • AUTO FILTRATION: Four hour auto-filtration function leaves your water crisp and clean.
  • CAPACITY and POWER: Up to 6 Bather Capacity and Powerful with 110V-120V

What's included:

  • MSpa Comfort Bubble Spa Liner with Integrated Water Filtration & AirJet System
  • 1x Spa Buckle Lid
  • 1x Garden Hose Adapter
  • Filter & Filter Base
  • Manual

    Mspa warranty: 2 years on the pump and 1 year on the liner.