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Best Vertical Wall Bed UK



Furnishing your home is an exciting task but you may be met with challenges along the way.

For example, smaller rooms may not have the space for a large bed, yet the occupant still needs somewhere to lay their head at night.

Whether you are looking to save space in a child’s bedroom or want to create a guest room that can also function as a usable space when nobody is staying over, a vertical wall bed is an excellent solution. 

What Is The Best Vertical Wall Bed?

Finding the right vertical wall bed is a must. This will help you to ensure that the bed fits into your space and serves its purpose. But if you’re feeling a little taken aback by the sheer number of options, then take a look at our top picks, we’re sure you’ll see something you love.


ARTE Vertical Wall Bed Concept 180cm

vertical wall bed



Made from a combination of MDF and laminated chipboard, this vertical bed is lightweight and yet very durable. It is perfect for smaller rooms where there is a need for additional storage. Once the bed is pulled down, several shelves are revealed and if you want to make the bed more of a feature, there are options for two different types of LED lights.


Moreover, this is a beautifully easy bed to use thanks to a pneumatic system which means that the bed moves smoothly and easily from its vertical to horizontal position and back again. Not only this, but with near silent operation, you needn’t worry about disturbing anyone else.


  • Ample shelving for storage
  • Soft close
  • Pneumatic mechanism
  • Option for LED lighting
  • Metal frame
  • Made from MDF and laminated board
  • Duvet straps included


  • 5kg weight limit for shelves
  • 191cm x 218cm x 46cm

ARTE Vertical Wall Bed Concept 90cm With Storage Cabinet

vertical wall bed for sale uk




If you are looking for a modern, stylish and elegant looking vertical wall bed then this may be exactly what you have been searching for. This bed benefits from a side storage cabinet as well as a slide out bedside table; it’s perfect for smaller rooms or those that are only used occasionally.


What we really love about this bed is that it is so easy to use. With a self supporting mechanism, the bed can be stopped in any position making it far safer to use. Moreover, with LED lighting included, this vertical wall bed makes an excellent statement piece of furniture.


  • LED lights included
  • Safe thanks to a self supporting locking mechanism
  • Slide out table
  • Storage cabinet
  • Made from laminate board
  • Comes with duvet straps


  • Bed size ; 104cm x 217cm x 237cm unfolded
  • Cabinet size; 45cm x 217cm x 46cm

Arthauss Modern Bedroom Vertical Wall Bed


arthauss vertical wall bed



In a stunning white colour, this modern and stylish bed is the perfect addition to brighten up a room with furniture. It comes with the option to purchase additional matching storage cabinets so is ideal for those looking for a matching bedroom set.


What’s more, the Arthauss bed comes in a choice of three sizes making it perfect for any sized room. It benefits from a safety spring making it beautifully easy to use by any member of the family and while it comes flat packed, it is easy to assemble.


  • Elegant design
  • Comes with safety lock
  • Choice of matching furniture
  • Made from laminated board
  • Wooden sprung slats
  • Choice of three sizes


  • 140cm x 200cm

Smartbett Basic Folding Bed

smartbett folding vertical wall bed



When you think about modern design, you think about clean lines and bright colours and that is exactly what you get with the Smartbett. It doesn’t put on any airs and graces in terms of appearance yet boasts a fresh aesthetic that is perfect for a modern guest room.


The bed features a gas powered piston mechanism for smooth and easy opening and closing. What’s more, the material has a protective coating which is resistant to scratches and damage so despite being a budget-friendly bed, it is one that will stand the test of time.


  • Suitable for mattresses up to 170mm
  • Covered in a scratch resistant coating
  • Gas piston mechanism
  • Horizontal or vertical design
  • Choice of colours


  • 90cm x 200cm
  • Max weight 250kg

Things To Consider When Choosing A Wall Bed

The great thing about vertical wall beds is that they come in all shapes and sizes. However, it is important to assess your needs and check these against any potential purchases to ensure that you always get something that will perfectly meet your needs.


One of the most pressing issues for people buying a vertical wall bed is storage. This is because, for the most part, these beds are used in rooms where space is limited meaning that there may also be limitations on how much other furniture can be placed in the room.


However, a lot of these vertical wall beds come with built-in storage such as shelving units and cabinets. You might consider them to be an all-in-one piece of bedroom furniture that is designed for maximum storage space without the large footprint.

Obstructions In The Room

While a vertical wall bed will save space on the floor, it is going to take it up on the wall. Before deciding that this type of furniture is right for you, it is important to consider the available space. You are going to need a wall that is free of light fittings, power outlets (at least, not ones that you will need), windows and doors. Most rooms will have at least one clear wall but you should also take the time to measure this to ensure the bed will be the right fit.

Ease Of Use

When opening and closing the vertical wall bed, the last thing you want is to have to struggle. There are some models out there that are difficult to move and can be incredibly heavy but this is something you want to avoid.


For this reason, we would advise looking for a bed that is made from lightweight materials but does not compromise on durability or integrity. Moreover, you want to check the type of mechanism that the bed uses. It should be smooth and easy to operate as well as having safety features like a lock.


You may also wish to look for convenient features such as duvet straps which keep your bedding in place as you move the bed from one position to the next.


Are wall beds dangerous?

There is a common misconception that a wall bed, sometimes called a murphy bed, will fold back up on itself during use or fall from the wall. However, this is highly unlikely and if the bed has been correctly installed it should not pose any safety risk.


What is the difference between a wall bed and a murphy bed?

A murphy bed is mounted to the wall or the floor and uses a spring system to lower and raise the mattress. On the other hand, a traditional wall bed usually has cabinets either side and so, when it is raised, will look like any other part of the wall. However, they also use a spring mechanism meaning that the two are very similar by design.


Are wall beds comfortable?

While they may differ in their design, a wall bed is as comfortable as anything else. The most important thing is the type of mattress you use. It is important to compare your needs and preference with the mattress in order to find something that offers the best level of comfort. Most commonly, people opt for a memory foam mattress when using a wall bed. 

Some vertical wall beds come with sofas, the options are plenty when you start to search online but hopefully our round-up today of the best vertical wall beds uk will have helped you to reach an informed decision.

We have a range of vertical wall beds for sale on the garden & patio website so feel free to browse the collection below.



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