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Best Fire Pit UK



As the evening draws in, you and your garden guests might not be quite ready to head indoors. To take off the chill and create a welcoming vibe, a fire pit is an excellent accessory to have in your garden.

Today we'll talk about the best fire pit uk, the best smokeless fire pit uk and smokeless fire pits uk and how they are growing in popularity!


What Are The Best Fire Pits?

Fire pits have always been a popular item but in recent years, they have become something of an outdoor trend. If you’re ready to settle in front of a glowing fire each evening, check out our top picks below:


Extra Large Muro Mexican Chimenea

gardeco fire pit



A chimenea is a great way to add a rustic feel to your garden. This one comes in a traditional Mexican design and is complete with a stand so that you have everything you need to get started. What’s great about this style is that each one is handmade so while they may all be similar, yours will have its own character.


If it’s heat you’re looking for then this extra large muro Mexican chiminea is an excellent option. Once the fuel is added, the clay will radiate the heat, keeping you and your guests warm for hours. The design offers excellent stability making this an incredibly safe option.


  • Beautiful rustic design
  • Handmade
  • Stable
  • Come with a stand
  • Hours of heat
  • Suitable for burning wood
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Large
  • Doesn’t require assembly


  • 150cm diameter
  • 120cm high with stand and lid

Buschbeck Steel Fire Pit

buschbeck fire pit





If the space you want to heat up isn’t very large, this 60cm compact fire pit is ideal. It is low to the ground and offers an experience akin to being around a campfire. What’s more, it features an attractive yet simple design that works excellently in any garden


The Buschbeck fire pit is crafted from high quality steel which is heat resistant and incredibly durable. What’s more, this fire pit will burn both wood and charcoal for greater versatility.


  • No assembly required
  • Suitable for wood and coal
  • Three legs for stability
  • Solid and well built
  • Durable steel for longevity


  • Weighs 8.2kg
  • 60cm diameter
  • 5mm steel

Anbar Outdoor Fire Pit With Grill

Anbar Fire Pit




Boasting a stunning design, this fire pit offers the best of everything. While it can be used simply as a way of heating your patio area, it also comes with everything you need to BBQ making it incredibly versatile.


The Anbar fire pit is made from iron which is one of the most robust metals known to man. It won’t rust or warp and will serve you for many years. What’s more, with a 360º design, there won’t be an area of the patio that won’t benefit from the warmth.


  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • 360º heat radiation
  • Comes with BBQ grill and poker
  • Comes with a cover
  • Made from durable iron
  • Heat resistant
  • Solid base provides excellent stability


  • 61cm x 62cm x 74cm

Peaktop Fire Pit

peaktop fire pit




For anyone with a modern garden, this concrete based fire pit will blend right in, perfectly complementing your existing outdoor decor. What’s more, it benefits from a mesh spark screen to provide additional safety; excellent for families with children and pets.


The Peaktop fire pit comes with a grill grate so that you can use the appliance as a BBQ on those warm summer evenings. Whether you prefer to burn wood or coal, this versatile fire pit allows you to do it all.


  • Comes with spark screen
  • Comes with grill grate
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for wood and coal
  • Comes with a poker
  • Compact for smaller spaces


  • 55cm x 55cm x 30cm

What To Consider When Buying A Fire Pit

Most fire pits on the market offer everything you would need, but there may be some with more suitable features than others. For this reason, we should always give each potential model the once over before committing to buying. These tips will help you source the best option for you.


There are several types of fire pit and the style you choose will depend on your personal preference and the style of your garden. For a more rustic design, you might opt for a chiminea whereas those with a modern, sleek garden might prefer a more up to date design.


Moreover, you need to think about how you will use the fire pit. Chimineas offer a way to heat a space and are very effective but if you want somewhere that will double up as an outdoor kitchen, then they won’t make the most suitable choice. Conversely, fire pits that come with a grill are ideal for cooking sausages, steak and toasting marshmallows.


It goes without saying that your fire pit needs to be heat resistant; after all, it is going to face some pretty extreme temperatures. However, fire pits come in a range of materials so you need to also think about durability and how the materials look.


For example, steel is a very common metal for fire pits and offers excellent durability. But it doesn’t look quite as attractive as other things such as clay which many chimineas are made from. The downside with clay, however, is that it is more likely to crack or break compared to steel or robust iron.

Fuel Type

Most modern fire pits are designed to be used with wood and coal but there are some out there that are specifically made for one or the other.


Wood provides a much more rustic fire and often creates a beautiful smoky aroma, especially when cooking. But the downside is that wood fires are much more difficult to start and maintain.


Before you think about parting with any money, it is essential to make sure that you have a suitable location for your fire pit. For starters, it needs to be even, if it isn’t, you will need to find a way of making it so. Moreover, it is vital that the location of the fire pit is not under the cover of an overhanging structure such as a tree or under a gazebo.


Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes so whether you are looking for a compact one for a small courtyard or something larger for a big decked area, you have choices. In any case, we would also advise purchasing a fire mat to prevent damage to the surface underneath.


Are garden fire pits legal?

There are some parts of the UK that are under what is known as a smoke control area where certain fuels cannot be burned. However, this applies only to indoor fires such as a wood burning stove. Outdoor fires like those you have in a fire pit are not covered by this act. However, since your fire pit will emit a decent amount of smoke, it may be worth chatting to neighbours out of courtesy.


Are fire pits a good idea?

When used correctly, a fire pit is an amazing way to create a unique ambiance in your garden. They allow you to remain outdoors when the cool evening air sets in and provide a way of cooking outdoors without dragging out the gas barbecue. That said, they do come with risks and so it is crucial that, when using a fire pit, you always operate with safety in mind.


Do fire pits keep mosquitoes away?

There is not much else quite as annoying on a summer evening as being bitten by flying pests. However, since mosquitoes and other insects don’t like smoke, having a fire pit burning may be a good way to deter them.


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