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Best Cast Iron Chimenea UK



A chiminea can add a serious amount of character to your patio or deck but will also provide you with a warming source of heat for when the sun goes down.

However, if you are looking for something that will resist heat and remain strong and sturdy, a cast iron chiminea is one of the best options.


What Is The Best Cast Iron Chiminea UK?


There are a lot of beautiful cast iron chimineas out there but there are some that are better than others, there are small and large cast iron chimineas.  We have spent some time reviewing the best ones and we think that the following four are among the creme de la creme.


Gardeco Large Tia Chiminea In Black PLUS Chim Stove Included

cast iron chiminea



There are a lot of chimineas that function only as a heater and that’s great unless you want the option to take part in some al fresco cooking. This one comes complete with a stove giving you much greater versatility. 

Moreover, the Gardeco Tia chiminea is perfect for smaller seating areas as a side flue means that any smoke will be diverted away from where you are sitting. It offers excellent strength and stability combining cast iron with steel for ultimate durability.


  • Cast iron and steel
  • Comes with a cooking stove
  • Side chimney
  • Heats up quickly
  • Reversible hot plate


  • 46cm bowl
  • 64cm x 32cm x 137cm


Gardeco Toledo Jumbo Cast Iron Chiminea In Bronze

toledo cast iron chiminea




If you are looking for something that is a little more rustic and would fit into a traditional outdoor space then this is a great option.

But not only does it look incredible, with its large chiminea size, this is the perfect chiminea for larger spaces. It’ll work with any type of fuel and comes with the option for cooking for a multipurpose product. 

What we really loved about the Toledo was that it comes with a 5 year guarantee, demonstrating the robustness of this chiminea. It is made from cast iron and comes with vents for excellent air flow.


  • Suitable for large areas
  • Traditional look
  • Can be used for cooking
  • Excellent durability
  • Rain lid included
  • Mesh door on hinges


  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • 146cm x 53cm
  • 53cm bowl



Panama LA HACIENDA Cast Iron Chiminea


panama cast iron chiminea




For smaller patios, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the beauty and heat of a cast iron chiminea.

This compact design from LA HACIENDA offers everything you would get from a larger chiminea including a stunning aesthetic and a robust build quality. 

The chiminea is suitable for log burning and comes with a handy poker allowing you to easily maintain the fire.

It is made from cast iron and steel giving it the best of both worlds in terms of durability and remaining lightweight enough to move around the garden as you require.


  • Cast iron reinforced with steel
  • Compact for smaller spaces
  • Comes with a poker
  • Attractive pewter finish
  • Very robust
  • Excellent stability


  • 2kg
  • 40cm x 36.6cm 30.6cm


La Hacienda Extra Large Sierra 100% Cast Iron
Chiminea With BBQ Grill


sierra cast iron chiminea



Many cast iron chimineas are not made from 100% cast iron, but this is one the exceptions meaning that this is an incredibly strong and durable piece of equipment.

Not only this but with an extra large size, you are getting something perfect for larger spaces. 

The Sierra comes with a BBQ grill for outdoor cooking and a front air vent to ensure your fire doesn’t go out due to lack of airflow.

You also won’t need to worry about rain interfering with the fun since this one comes complete with a rain lid. 


  • BBQ grill included
  • Large size for bigger spaces
  • Rain lid included
  • 100% cast iron
  • Beautiful decorative legs and stunning aesthetic appeal
  • Durable and stable


  • 121cm x 45cm
  • 33kg


What To Consider When Buying A Cast Iron Chiminea

Not all cast iron chimineas are built the same and while there are many excellent ones on the market, it is important to figure out what you need and compare this against each product. Doing this will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.


The last thing you want is to invest in a cast iron chiminea only to find that it doesn’t stand the test of time. One of the biggest benefits about cast iron is that it is an incredibly strong material. However, since many of these products also contain a lot of steel, this can affect the durability.


If you want something convenient and lightweight then going for a cast iron and steel chiminea will give you this. However, if you want something that is going to remain with you for years, make sure you go for a well constructed 100% cast iron product.


Fire safety is of the utmost importance when using a chiminea and one of the biggest risks is that the structure will fall over when in use. Of course, there is a degree of common sense involved here and you will need to make sure that you place the chiminea on a stable surface away from children and pets. However, looking for features like a weighted base and stable legs will ensure that the chiminea is naturally geared towards good stability.


Not all chimineas come with a BBQ grill or are suitable for cooking. If you want something that will serve as a multipurpose appliance then you must source something that comes with a grill as well as suitable cooking tools.


The great thing about chimineas is that they don’t only come in one shape or size. Regardless of the size of your garden, there will be a chiminea to suit. However, you must be careful to look at the size first. If you buy something too small then there is a risk that it won’t sufficiently heat the area. On the other hand , something that is too large will take up floor space which is already precious in smaller gardens.

Does It Need To Be Assembled?

Many cast iron chimineas need to be assembled before you can use them but there are those that come fully assembled and ready to use. In the case of the latter, you may find that you pay more for the privilege so many people opt for one that needs to be constructed. In this situation, be sure to look for something that is quick and easy to put together.


How to use a cast iron chiminea?

Preety much the same way you use a bbq. Frankly insert some newspaper rolled up or a bbq fire lighter, place the charcoal or wood you'll be using as the fuel and light it. You can replenish the fuel as it dies down and just repeat this process until you are done using it for the day or night.


How to light a cast iron chiminea?

You can start by using newspaper rolled up or a bbq fire lighter and placing this inside the cast iron chiminea. Then place the charcoal or wood you'll be using as the fuel and light it. Replenish the fuel as it burns and dies down and just repeat this very same process (minus the lighting of the fire..) until you are done using it for the day or night.

What to burn in a cast iron chiminea?

The best materials to burn in a cast iron chimenea are wood or charcoal. They tend to burn the longest, are cheap enough to buy and readily available from most hardware stores.

How to clean cast iron chiminea?

Cast iron chimineas are very similar to bbqs so clean the cast iron chiminea the same way you'd clean out a bbq by removing all the leftover ashes from its previous use. On the outside of the cast iron chiminea, you can use a small dust pan brush that has medium stiffness in the bristles. For the cooking grill, a hard metal bristle brush will help to clean off any leftover residues.


Is a cast iron chimenea better than clay?

One of the best things about a cast iron chiminea when compared to clay is that it is typically much stronger. There is no risk of the material cracking and as such, you can expect to get many more years of use out of each one; up to 25 years when they are cared for correctly. Moreover, they only need seasoning every few months so the maintenance is very low.


Are cast iron chimineas better than fire pits?

There are good and bad sides to both chimineas and fire pits. However, if you want something much safer then a chiminea is the way to go. SInce these appliances are covered, there is less risk of embers flying off and causing injury.


Why do you put sand in the bottom of a cast iron chiminea?

The reason that you would add sand to the bottom of your cast iron chiminea is to season it. This is a process that cures the paint and protects the metal from the extreme temperatures it will have to endure once you light the fire.