What is a Gazebo?


Over the past several years, gazebos in the UK have become very popular in peoples gardens. They have plenty of uses and are perfect for providing shade and a place to relax under.

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a free standing structure usually made from metal such as aluminium or wood.  Manufacturing has vastly improved over the years and you can find extremely high quality gazebos for an affordable price.

Gazebos come in different shapes and sizes such as square, round and hexagonal, all of which can play a part in the design and layout of your garden.

milano 3000 gazebo

What is the purpose of a gazebo?

The main purpose of a gazebo is to provide shelter from the weather. In the UK we all know how the weather can be so having a gazebo that can provide protection from the sun in the spring and summer and protection from the rain in the winter is a blessing!

Most people use a gazebo for entertaining guests at a bbq or dinner party or a place to put a hot tub allowing for some privacy.


What are the different types of gazebos?

There are several types of gazebos other than the shape as we noted above.

>> Metal gazebos
>> Heavy Duty Gazebos
>> Hot tub gazebos
>> Pop up Gazebos with sides 

All of these gazebos we have on the Garden and Patio website and you can read more about them by clicking the links above.


Where do people put gazebos?

The ideal place to put your gazebo is where you have the most space or to fit in with the design and layout of your garden. 

If your objective for using a gazebo is to protect yourself from the sun, then take a look at where the sun shines the most in your garden and place it there. It could also be that you want to be near your bbq or pizza oven so ideally the gazebo can be placed where you and your guests can sit but not t far away from where you’ll be cooking.

Is a Gazebo worth it?

The answer to this would be absolutely yes! Why you may ask, well not only does a gazebo provide a place to stay protected from the elements, it also provides a sense of place in your garden.

I often spend plenty of time in my garden under the gazebo reading a book or having a cup of tea and just relaxing as the day goes by.

For the price of gazebos these days, they are a very affordable and great investment! 

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