How to stop parasol blowing over?

Methods to Weight Your Parasol Down

When you’re deciding on the best way to put your parasol it is essential to collect details about the choices. This way, you’ll be able choose the option that is the best one for you. The next sections will go over each of the options in depth.

Use a Weighted Parasol Base

A base for your Parasol that is weighted could be the best method to put your umbrella. Parasol bases have weighted stands that aid in keeping your Parasol upright, stable and in the right position. The only thing you have to do is insert your Parasol inside the hole of the base and then tighten the base until it fits your umbrella comfortably.

Select a base for your Parasol that is weighted that’s the right dimension of the size your umbrella. If you’re using a smaller Parasol, you don’t have to buy a massive umbrella stand. If your Parasol is massive ensure that the base for your umbrella is sturdy. 

Bases for Parasols vary in weight between 35-35lbs to over 90lbs. For Parasol that are taller than 6 feet it is possible to live using an Parasol base of about 35 pounds. However, for larger Parasol, such as cantilever Parasol greater than 9 feet then you’ll need to invest in an umbrella base that weighs at least 75lbs.

When buying an Parasol base, you need to know the weight limit and recommended size of the pole. If you don’t, you could buy an Parasol and discover that you’re not able utilize it.

Use a Weighted Parasol Bag

For a lower-cost alternative, you can use a weighted Parasol bag. The bags provide the weight of an existing base for your Parasol. They are ideal for those who struggle to get your existing base to remain upright during the windy conditions.

Weight bags are available with various sizes and shapes. The best one is dependent on what size you have for your current umbrella as well as the base. For example an 18.5″ diameter round lightweight bag for your umbrella is a alternative that fits all umbrellas. It is not pre-weighted which means you’ll have to fill it up with sand once you have it at your home.

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