How to position a cantilever parasol?


The selection of the most suitable location for your cantilever parasol is probably the most important thing to be asked first! 

The choice of location will influence the size of the canopy and base you’ll need, so think about whether you need lighting, and if so take into consideration how the power is supplied. 

The location of your canopy is crucial with larger canopy sizes as they are able to be used as sails in strong winds. Ensure you pick a model that is designed to withstand strong winds!

Permanent or not-permanent location?

The first thing to think about when deciding where to place your parasol whether the location is a permanent location that you aren’t planning to move it – or if you’ll have to move it and alter its position, based on the area you require. In the first scenario it is necessary to have an in-ground foundation – the most sturdy fixation and in the second you will need a sturdy base with a wheels and handle that can make transporting simpler.

For shade the parasol needs to be placed between the space you (your patio, pool , or the space you require shade to) with the sun.

Parasols for patios facing towards the sun

If you’re an early morning or sunset lover, then your patio will face towards east (for dawn) and west (for evening sunset). It’s wonderful to relax with an afternoon cup of coffee on the patio or enjoy an dinner with loved ones, but be sure to be secure. If you’re planning to set up this type of arrangement We highly recommend buying divan-like garden umbrella as well as the tilting parasol. The tilting mechanism can allow you to locate the perfect shade, regardless of the time of day.


Parasol to the side of the pool

If you want to shade a portion or their entire pool area, the most suitable choice is a rotating cantilever shade as it allows the space beneath to be clean, and it can be tilted and turned to locate the ideal spot and also keep the water cool all day long. When you’re done with the pool, you could turn it around to provide shade to the table on your patio or your sunchair when it is within the vicinity.


Parasols for hospitality and commercial terraces

If you work working in the field of hospitality you could be in the scenario where you be forced to pick between one massive umbrella or a number of smaller ones. 

Both have pros and cons based in the area of space and table space as well as the amount of floor space available. The massive parasol could be put up to central part of the patio using an in-ground foundation and free up more space, allowing people to move more easily. 

Maintenance will be simpler and quicker. You can unfold and fold the umbrella by using an adjustable crank handle.

Multiple parasols on the terrace could be expensive and time-consuming managing each one separately and ensuring that electricity is available for heaters and lights, more storage space is required, as well as more space beneath or between tables.

After you have determined the ideal location for the new commercial or garden parasol it’s essential to pick the appropriate size canopy for your parasol and decide on the color that will be most suitable for the location.  Be aware that the canopy is that space over you! It is not the floor! Be sure that the canopy won’t catch the surface of anything while opening or over roofs that hang or trees, signs, etc.

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