Harmony Greenhouse Review

Harmony Greenhouse Review


We understand that the brand is one factor that affects the final decision when you decide which Greenhouse to purchase. We always strive to remain unbiased at Greenhouse Hunt to give you the best knowledge possible. In our favourite products, we sell several different brands and have always stayed away from individual brand reviews.

If you’ve been searching around for a new greenhouse, then it might be possible that you have already gathered some knowledge about the Harmony range by Palram. There are several sizes to choose from, on top of the two frame colour choices, making it easy to find that matching size and colour greenhouse to fit perfectly into your garden.

But you might be searching for more information about the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this particular range. So carry on reading to get up to date on our full Palram harmony greenhouse review.

So, let’s get started!


Palram’s Harmony Range


Palram’s harmony greenhouse series is becoming popular due to its vast variety combining functional design, aesthetics, and durability.

It provides simple assembly and easy everyday use with its functional design.

The rust-resistant aluminium frame and the Polycarbonate panels, are nearly unbreakable and make Harmony greenhouses maintenance-free and highly durable, able to withstand harsh conditions during several years of gardening.

The Palram Harmony greenhouses are very well designed.

The addition of the integrated flushes and the integrated base frame is a cost-effective purchase since often additional costs for other greenhouse brands are optionally accounted for.

So, you should start producing your favourite flowers, fruits, and vegetables. However, some retailers also have an optional selection of paying accessories that can enhance your new growing field’s growth potential.


1.     Palram 6×14 Harmony Greenhouse



The Palram Harmony gives the gardener peace of mind because he knows this greenhouse is not at all harmful for his family and children as the fully shatterproof polycarbonates do not hurt children or animals if they are impacted.

The Harmony greenhouse has an aluminium-based base, an external door with a magnetic lock, and a ventilation opening roof fan. Available in natural silver or powdered green.


  • Elegance: this stylish greenhouse will improve the exterior design of any property. Crystal panels and a green frame reflect a beautiful and decent appearance.
  • Assembly: Thanks to its slide-and-lock nature, the polycarbonate panels are simple to assemble. The perfect match with hunter’s green frame.
  • Ventilation: A roof vent ensures ventilation while a clear crystal panel provides enough light.
  • Glazing: Polycarbonate glazing is the only option for Harmony’s sides and roof and, as we have described, is not an ideal choice for windy areas but has a lot of positive results. It is almost unbreakable, a real plus if you have children in the yard of the greenhouse.
  • Quality: Rust-resistant aluminium framing is a standard level of quality for the price range.
  • Range: There is a great choice for consumers who want to buy from this range of five different sizes and two colour choices.
  • Value: The integrated steel base frame is a decent purchase, and the price points are very good on point and are of the standard value for the size and nature of the greenhouse it provides.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer provides a 5-year limited warranty. It may seem a bit less than what other brands provide. But this can be considered the only drawback of Palram Harmony Greenhouse.


There are five sizes of the Harmony Greenhouse, so nearly every gardener may choose an allotment, greenhouse, or yard scale appropriate for their garden.

Everyone is six meters tall, and four, six, eight, ten, and a colossal 14 feet are accessible in length.

The hinged doors and the greenhouse’s opening roof windows are connected to each greenhouse and incorporated gutters.

A good addition to the gutters is a little fit on the end of any gutter to regulate the excess water flow with jubilee clips. The complete list of available sizes is the following:

  • 6ft Wide by 4ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 6ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 8ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 10ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 14ft Deep

Prices differ a bit depending upon these sizes, but the quality is the same for all sizes!


Colour Options

The standard aluminium is the better choice and is also rust-resistant. The alternative for powder coating provides a more neutral, conventional colour framing and provides a second layer of weather protection for a longer period.


Being the most modern and decent greenhouses in the market, Harmony greenhouses use aluminium for the main framing, galvanized steel for the included perimeter base frame, and polycarbonate for the glazing panels.

Aluminium is the traditional option for metal greenhouses, and the Harmony range is no different. It is solid and sturdy but light enough to be delivered flat to the gardeners, making it as easy as possible, with a minimum hassle, to install the greenhouse at home.


Regarding glazing, all the greenhouses of Palram come with polycarbonate glazing, which is the only option available, unlike other brands. While Palram is renowned for its expertise and proves this with its 50 years ‘ experience in manufacturing glass sheets such as polycarbonate.

Palram’s crystal clear glazing is unbreakable and is a much better alternative to garden glass since there is no chance that it will shake into fragile, harmful sections if a high level of impact damage ever happens.


One advantage of Palram’s polycarbonate is that these glazing panels are UV resistant, and harmful sun rays can be absorbed 100%, thus allowing 90% of light to enter. They would not shatter, discolour, or diminish anytime. 


What’s so special about Palram Greenhouses?


Automatic roof vent openers automatically open the manual opening roof vents in versions so that you don’t have to care about humidity getting too hot inside.

Matching and shelving May, as optional extras, also be purchased to help provide additional workspace and convenient areas for storing, catering, and sowing your crop.

The framing, glazing, base frame, 1-2 roof vents, and 5-year warranty are provided as standard giving you greater peace of mind concerning your new purchase.


Palram Harmony Greenhouse Accessories


A large variety of greenhouse accessories is also available at Palram.

Take a look at the most popular accessories when you purchase a greenhouse.

Make sure to save yourself some time to ensure that you have complete knowledge about the greenhouse and its accessories. If you don’t know something, feel free to ask us.




You might be a bit confused even after reading the whole product review, but do not get confused; let us sum up everything for you. As we have already discussed everything about this greenhouse and yes, for sure, it is worth buying.

The elegant and seamless style that complements this product’s versatility and intensity are what we like most about this greenhouse.

It’s a decent design and durable structure that make it look more appealing.

You won’t have to compromise on the durability of this Palram Harmony greenhouse; it’s compact and durable material makes it a perfect choice for you!

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