Best Price Summerhouse in the UK

Best Price Summerhouse in the UK


Summerhouses are an ideal means of expanding your backyard.

Though summerhouses tend to be used for warehousing, many people use summerhouses as an extra space in their houses.

They can enhance the look of your garden, serve as a design element or centerpiece as well as a functional facility to take full advantage of your outdoor environment.

Summerhouses may be used as a site for hobbies, focusing on your work, having fun, or even running a business. Garden offices, studios, gyms, artisan lounges, outdoor lounges, playrooms, and bars are some of the most common summerhouse uses.

They are available in a range of types in which new or traditional versions are preferred. 

Having countless uses and advantages, summerhouses are very common among the homeowners of the UK.

Sometimes you might need to have some time alone to read books or just to have a piece of mind; summerhouse provides a great escape from the outside world.

Not only that, they provide a great look to your garden or back yard. Summerhouses are not only used in summer but all around the year.

You can use them as a storage space in winter to store seasonal products such as your outdoor furniture or gardening equipment. 

We will be discussing the best price summerhouse in the UK and how you can take maximum advantages of them.


Shire Summerhouses 

Shire is one of the top quality manufacturers of summerhouses in the UK.

Founded in 1945, Shire is a leading British brand in the industry and one of the oldest established manufacturers of garden buildings.

Their products have been known for their durability and competitive prices as compared to the rivals in the market.

All Shire products are made from the finest quality timber and processed with the latest technology to provide top quality products to its customers. There are two main products of Shire which are commonly used in the UK. 

  1. Shire Oatland Overlap Summerhouse 6×6

As we have discussed that the Shire has been known for its top-quality products, the Shire Oatland Summerhouse is manufactured in the UK with high-grade FSC certified timber preserved to be used for many years.

It is the less priced product with only 370.99 Pound in price, yet provides the value for your money. It has double doors for easy access with a strong frame, making it perfect and convenient for small places.

  1. Shire Avesbury Log Cabin

Unlike Oatland Overlap, Shire Avesbury Summerhouse is made for larger areas where people have more space. It comes in four different sizes and can fulfill the needs of every garden.

The Shire Avesbury log cabin is a trendy log cabin that provides functional and very durable garden storage or working room.

Just like its cousin Oatland Overlap Summerhouse, it is also made from FSC certified timber to provide a top-quality product to its users.

  • Sizes Available

Shire Avesbury Log Cabin is available in four different sizes, which are as under:





These sizes are made according to the needs of different customers so that they can be placed at whatever amount of space they have at their homes.


  • Features

FSC Certified Timer: Provides the best quality

19mm Thick: Provides better protection from harsh weather conditions

The UK made: Manufactured with the latest technology for better aesthetics

Easy Assembly: Provided with necessary tools for self-assembly    


Competitive Advantages 

As we have previously discussed, there are countless advantages of a Summerhouse. Now, we will discuss what makes Shire Summerhouses stand out from its competitors. 


  1. Less Energy Consumption

Nowadays, when we search for wooden summerhouses in the market, there are plenty of options. What makes Shire Summerhouse different is that it is made from timber, which is a strong and natural isolator.

It can keep you warm and cool while using a very less amount of energy. Many people now want the power to work in their summer house, and most of them have unique energy efficiency characteristics. As a thermal insulator, wood is also perfect and can keep your house warm, quiet, and comfortable; plus, it is a good noise absorber as well.


  1. Economical

How inexpensive they are relative to other buildings, such as concrete, brick, and stone materials, is a major benefit of Shire summerhouses. As they can be installed easily and save you on labour costs, they are much more economical and considerably cheaper.


  1. Environmental Friendly

People who are concerned about environmental pollution should get one of these as these are made from timber, which does not require any industrial procedures. Unlike metals and other materials, wood is also reusable and grown organically.


  1. Pre-Treated Wood

In a golden brown water based industrial substance, all Shire garden buildings are shipped pre-treated with a base coat on both sides. You may apply water-based paint of your choice. This will shield the wood from weathering on your summerhouse and make it last longer, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it will need to be repeated accordingly.


  1. Increase in Property Value

The construction of a wooden summer house would improve the value of your property instantly in the market. An extra structure in the property would increase its value by a lot of difference. Not only that, the summerhouse can make your house look more appealing and you can get multiple benefits monetarily and aesthetically.  


How to assemble Shire Summerhouse?


If you have proper equipment and instructions, it should be reasonably easy to assemble. You would need at least one more person to support you when it comes actually to install it. Either you can do it with a friend or two by yourself, or when you purchase the summerhouse, you can add a home installation service.


How to position Shire Summerhouses?


Positioning your summer house is important; it can bring the best or worst of your garden. Once you have decided which one do you want, you have to position it in a way that it aesthetically appeals to everyone.


  • If you want to have sunlight, position your summerhouse in a way that it gets maximum sunlight, south-facing summerhouse will receive the maximum amount of sunlight if not blocked by any trees or bushes.


  • It could be best not to allow direct sunshine if you are using your summer house as an office, gym or garage, as this may induce glare when working or result in unnecessary heat being exposed to technology.


  • For gyms, workspaces, and studios, people use electronic equipment, and for that, the summerhouses must be placed to the point where electricity is easily accessible. If you want to position it away from the electric supply, you can take professional electricians’ advice.


  • You can try to position it in a way that the window is facing the best view of your garden to have a great look. Sometimes people make a mistake and position it in such a way that the only thing visible to them is their neighbour’s fence, do not make that mistake. 




We strongly recommend Shire Summerhouses as they are the best price summerhouses in the UK, providing value for your money. Its architecture cannot be flawed on any functional or aesthetic grounds.

The interior is light, well ventilated when appropriate, and the summer house, in general, can be a real advantage. The building is relatively simple.

The walls and floors come in pre-formed panels to promote the installation, and assembly directions are simple and well outlined. Providing countless benefits and the lowest prices, Shire Summerhouse is something that you should have. 

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