Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK 


Traditionally glass panels were considered the best choice for greenhouses.

But in the last few years, improvement in twin-wall polycarbonate has been made, which in several respects makes it equivalent or better than glass.

If you want to try out your hand in vegetable farming or be a green thumb pro gardener, a greenhouse is a fundamental investment to enjoy the garden all year round.

Below we outlined some aspects to be considered to get the best out of your time and resources before purchasing a greenhouse.


Why choose Polycarbonate over Glass?


Polycarbonate is one of the best transparent plastics for greenhouses. In the past, glass was the only choice for glazing, but plastic structures have been taken over in recent years.

It is extremely cost-effective to buy or create a plastic greenhouse.

Polycarbonate has much greater impact resistance than glass. This is because both rigid and flexible grades are used for polycarbonate.

This flexible plastic is never going to shatter into pieces, even under stress. Polycarbonate makes the greenhouse unbreakable and has the capability to resist massive pressure for a longer time.



Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK


We’ve already discussed everything in detail about polycarbonate greenhouses. But you might still be confused about which one is the best that suits all your requirements. Let’s have a look! 


  1. Palram Hybrid 6×8 Silver Polycarbonate Greenhouse


Palram produces greenhouses in a variety of sizes, catering for all budgets and gardens, but this is a model of great medium size. This enables them to grow plants and vegetables all year long.

They are perfectly suited to many small and medium gardens. It’s a greenhouse of Palram, and we were drawn onto the dark green aluminium frame at first glance.

It fuses well with a garden background and looks much more costly when it is clear polycarbonate glazing inside the glazing.

  1. Palram Glory Premium Greenhouse

The Glory Greenhouse is a stunning and high-quality greenhouse. The greenhouses of Palram are renowned for their excellent construction quality and are suitable for beginners and seasoned gardens alike.

They are made of light-weight and quick to carry and build aluminium and polycarbonate glazing frames. While they are light-weight, they are extremely long-lasting and robust greenhouses.

They are done in rust-free durability protection. Palram classifies the 10 mm thick twin-walled polycarbonate glazing panels as “practically unbreakable,” which demonstrates how good it is to build the Palram to provide you with a world-class product!


  • Twin 10 mm Polycarbonate Panels that are almost impenetrable
  • Aluminum frame resistant to rust
  • Framing of galvanized steel base
  • Premium handle lockable door
  • Automatic Opener Roof Vent
  • A Ventilation Manual Side Vent
  • Integrated system Guttering
  • Smart Slide-In System from Palram
  • Ground anchor incorporated
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty Palram Limited
  1. Palram Bella Greenhouse

The Bella elegant bell-shaped design with strong materials made from polycarbonate and aluminium is available in the 8 ft. deep greenhouse by Palram.

With its double doors and low thresholds, the Bella series of greenhouses is very easy to reach and spacious, suitable for growing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and plants.

As standard, a galvanized frame of the base steel provides a solid basis for mounting the rest of the greenhouse.

The main aluminium frame is stiff and rough, and it provides a framework that is almost maintenance-free. The panels are double wall-mounted to provide better insulation while still transmitting 80 percent natural light and blocking harmful UV rays.



  • High-impact resistant 6 mm thick, almost impenetrable, and Twin-Wall for ideal isolation.
  • 100% UV-protected against harmful UV rays
  • Aluminum frame Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Double doors wide hinged
  • Contains One Roof Vent
  • Contains the galvanized steel base structure
  • Sliding Panel System Simple to Mount



Why it is best?


When you are looking for the best Polycarbonate Greenhouse in the UK, Palram’s Hybrid range cannot be avoided.

It has a beautiful sliding door, polycarbonate double-wall panels. Besides, this greenhouse comes with a step-by-step video guide that makes it really easy to install.

The greenhouse has a sliding door that takes less space than a conventional opening door to your backyard.

It also means that if you accidentally leave it open or cool down the greenhouse, it will not blow or slam in strong winds. 90% light can be found inside the greenhouse with the twin polycarbonate windows.

These greenhouses are very solid, hard to break and make your greenhouse durable.



What makes it special?


  • It is cost-effective: Palram Hybrid 6×8 Silver Polycarbonate Greenhouse comes with a price of fewer than four hundred pounds.

    It has a strong and robust base for positioning easily on your property is included. This is not something we see from other manufacturers of greenhouses. The same applies to the guarantee for five years as the greenhouse Palram is a regular provision.

    We also appreciated the inclusion of drainage heads and gutters and the simple to open ventilation panel in the roof, which are the added value characteristics that make this greenhouse the best one to buy.


  • Light Transmission

Polycarbonate makes itself suitable for a greenhouse as polycarbonate blocks UV rays and allows heat and sunlight.

This plastic form has an 88% light transmission. In addition, it may be transparent and opaque. Polycarbonate can not, however, be polished for transparency purposes.


  • Different Colours: Polycarbonate comes in different colours and shades. Though green plastic covers are typically used in greenhouses, the green light is filtered out.

    It is safer to let a full spectrum of light heat the structure. Plastic translucency or transparency may stimulate plant growth during various stages of development.


  • Durability

Polycarbonate is resistant to the weather, so that your greenhouse can withstand challenging conditions.

Sun, snow, and rain are burning – you name it, and for many years polycarbonate will not show any sign of discoloration.

It is also extremely resistant to low temperatures and high heat. Polycarbonate has very low flammability, so barbecues are protected in the garden areas. This combination makes polycarbonate great outdoor material.


  • Heat Retention

Polycarbonate is the ideal material for greenhouses because of its capacity to retain heat. Twin-wall polycarbonate is the common alternative. It has a double vitreous action that prevents the escape of heat. For the greenhouse side and 10 mm thick roof plastic, select 3 or 4 mm polycarbonate thickness.


  • Light Weight

Polycarbonate is, therefore, lighter than other materials. This means you can conveniently cut it into size with the hand saw. In addition, its light-weight makes it easier to work with.

It is also easy to bring without having to worry about breaking. Finally, compared to glass, it is incredibly fast and simple to assemble. 




The Palram Polycarbonate Greenhouses are the UK’s best greenhouses. Built of transparent polycarbonate panels that are nearly unbreakable, this creates the perfect environment for most plants to grow with over 90% light transmission.

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