Best Pent Summerhouse

Best Pent Summerhouse


A Pent Summerhouse is just like a regular summerhouse with an inclined roof. Normal summerhouses have the roofs which are inclined to both sides but a pent summerhouse has a roof which is inclined on one side. Now the question arises that why does it have a single inclined roof? Is it because people want a change in design? 


The answer is no. It is because we normally put our traditional summerhouses at a corner of the garden where we have free space. Some people do not have that corner space and they want to use a summerhouse, so they simply buy a pent summerhouse which they can put beside a wall. The roof is inclined so that in winters of the UK, snow can easily slide through the roof. 


While summer homes are typically used for storage, many people in their homes use summerhouses as a place to sit and relax. In order to take full advantage of your outdoor climate, they may improve the look of your yard, act as a design feature or highlight and as a practice facility. They are available in a variety of kinds that are preferable over modern or conventional models.


Summer houses are very popular among UK homeowners with innumerable uses and benefits. You can often have to have some time to read books alone or just have a peace of mind; summerhouse offers a wonderful relief from the outside world. Not just that, they’ll give your garden or back yard a nice look.


The summer houses are used all year long, not just in summer. You can store seasonal items, such as outdoor furniture or gardening equipment with them in winter as a storage area. Here we will discuss the best Pent Summerhouse in the UK, it’s benefits and features.


Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed 6×10


Shire is one of the UK’s highest performing summerhouse suppliers. Created in 1945, Shire is one of the oldest producers of garden buildings and a leading British brand in the industry. Compared to competition on the market, their goods have been noted for their reliability and low costs. All Shire products are manufactured from the finest quality wood and processed with the latest technologies to provide its consumers with high-quality items.


Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed 6×10 is an extraordinarily beautiful garden shed suitable for workshop or potting shed; it is built for optimum light as its name indicates!


The Sun Pent consists of seven windows, five fixed windows and two opening glass windows. There is also a very convenient full-length potting desk included in it. On solid 34 mm square framing for both floor and roof, the shiplap cladding is 12 mm slow grown and a very high-quality FSC certified wood is used.


A rim lock and key are connected to the framed entrance. It is supplied with mineral roof felt, installation directions and a fixing package.







There are a variety of features in the Sun Pent that make it a very reliable shed that can stand up to any sort of test.


  • Interior Protection

The interior of the shed has strong protection against the weather, with its 12 mm shiplap tongue and groove coating. It is provided as standard with a 12 mm tongue and groove roof and board, a function that you would fail to find in this price bracket on sheds manufactured by other suppliers. This means that you have a sturdy, weatherproof roof and an amazing loading level floor.


  • Solid Frame

It’s solid 34×34 mm framing means that the building has a powerful and stable foundation.


  • Seven Windows

With five fixed windows and two opening windows that provide an attractive feature of your Summerhouse and encourage a lot of natural light to float inside. In contrast to other products, these windows are often constructed from horticultural glass to ensure a smoother panel and long-term visibility. The facility for regulating the internal temperature using these two windows is a must-have for any potting hall to facilitate airflow.




  • Work Bench

The workbench / potting shelf is included in it so that you can really make use of the interior space of the Sun Pent. 


  • Door Lock

The door is supplied with a lock and a key, which gives you an extra sense of security when you leave things in the Sun Pent overnight.



Points to Consider Before Buying a Pent Summerhouse


  1. Size

First of all, you need to remember the scale of the garden zone in which you want to create your summer house while selecting a summer house for your garden. If you know exactly where you like the summer home, you can pick one that suits the garden in terms of both scale and form. Note that you should perfectly complement your garden theme with the right garden building.


  1. Colour and Style

Select the colour and style of the roof after the correct form and layout have been selected. You may either opt to choose the correct colour or align the summerhouse colour with the colour palette of your garden. With respect to the roof, styles pick between the traditional top or pent roof for a futuristic look!


  1. Walls Thickness

The thickness of timber walls is another significant factor to remember. The normal thickness of the wall ranges between 28 and 44 mm. But that doesn’t mean that you should choose the heaviest ones. Choose what you think can survive the weather conditions of the area you live in.


  1. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors will influence your summer house’s usability and aesthetics. Think what sort of doors and windows you like and how they will give you the protection you need.





Why it is Considered the Best Pent Summerhouse?


We’re sure the Sun Pent summerhouse will be the best addition for your garden if you are a keen gardener.

Give yourself the space to enjoy your favourite plants and flowers, plus plenty of additional room adjoining your gardening equipment, and a traditional puddle and storage shed in a single set which is provided to you.

As well as contributing to the overall beauty of the Sun Pent, the windows spanning the front of the shed allow buckets of natural light.

It could also be the ideal spot to see birds or also to chill during your holidays as a summer home.

Because of the pent roof, many of our clients have selected the Sun Pent for their garden due to this highly popular design option. 




High-quality summerhouses always begin with high-quality wood and shire has been providing the best wooden products since 1945.

The name speaks for itself and when it comes to the best pent summerhouse, the shire is the best option in the market.

Having the best quality products and most competitive prices is a challenge which the Shire has been accepting and completing since decades.

The bottom line is that there is nothing to worry about, just buy Shire Pent Summerhouse and e enjoy its features for many years.

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