Best Metal Sheds UK


Metal sheds are one of the easiest and smartest ways to make space in your garden.

Some of the best metal garden sheds come in various sizes and offer a practical way to solve potential garden storage issues.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how-to-pick the right metal-shed for your needs.

We are here to answer all your questions. There is increasing popularity of our best metal garden sheds in the UK.

One of its key benefits is its protection over wood and plastic building. Lawnmowers, household and gardening tools, containers, bicycles, and rotovators can be securely stored.

Another big advantage of metal garden sheds is that, unlike wooden sheds, they can last a lifetime without virtually no maintenance. Price is also in favour of metal sheds.


Best Metal Sheds to Buy


  1. Sapphire Metal Shed


sapphire metal shed

Designed from 0.33 mm ribbed metal, the Sapphire Metal Garden Shed uses an even more efficient grooved wall layout.

To avoid corrosion, the steel is hot-dipped-galvanized. All for ready assembly is pre-cut and pre-drilled.

The Sapphire is big enough to store bicycles, mowers, and other recreational vehicles, pitching, and gardening.

For the unclear storage, the sheds are windowless. This collection meets the highest value expectations. This durable metal shed is the ideal way to store your garden.


  • 33 mm galvanized material steel panel
  • Minimum maintenance possible
  • Strengthened Walls Ridge
  • Two-air vents gable roof style-
  • Fast Assembly
  • Easy to follow guidelines
  • Doors that slide to conserve space
  • Windowless door handles are lockable
  • Strengthened groove wall to increase durability
  • 15 Year Warranty by Manufacturers


  1. Lotus Metal Shed

lotus metal shed

A high tensile, hot-dipped galvanized steel apex roof shed is the Lotus 10 feet luxury garden shed.

This product results from two years of intensive research by people who have worked for many years with light covered metal sheds.

The combined effort has now been developed between a factory and a research team, and a brand-new steel roll shed that is heavier, stronger, and simpler to build but also has a modern and appealing colour.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the category of light-covered metal sheds at the best available price.



  • Ideal Storage Unit for Garden
  • Galvanized steel frame heavy-gauge frame
  • Help to reducing condensation Ventilated Gables
  • Strengthened bracing throughout
  • Double opening lockable door
  • Modern style and good colour finish
  • Rust & Rot Proof Practically Free Maintenance
  • Flat supplied with step-by-step assembling instructions


  1. Rowlinson Metal Shed

rowlinson metal shed

An elegant, aesthetically built, durable garden shed. A 10-year rust-resistant guarantee is provided in the Rowlinson Ezee Grey Metal Apex.

This garden shed is made from galvanized steel and is therefore resistant to fire.

A perfect mix to ensure a long service life! It comes pre-painted with cream trim in a stunning charcoal grey finish.

The apex roof covers and makes it easier to run rain-free.

All your stored objects are easily accessible by wide double doors and with handles to be padlocked for additional protection.

Finally, the gable vents provide the ideal storage conditions for all your items’ secure and safe storage. All is fine for all your garden storage needs!


  • 10-year warranty against rust
  • Steel galvanized
  • Traditional roofing and gable vents
  • Wide doors for double padlocks (padlocks not included)
  • Maintenance-free pre-painted charcoal


  1. Lotus Metal Bicycle Store

The Lotus Metal Bicycle Store is ideal for storing up to 4 mounted bike bikes behind insulated walls, protecting them from most conditions.

Constructed with a robust structure and comfortable access to a big double door, it has a lockable door bolt to put your bikes behind (padlock not included).

A very attractive and sturdy bike shed is suitable for most of the weather. The model has an inclined roof and an environmentally friendly finish. Ideal for putting in areas where space is small.

A simple hanger (including instructions), but we suggest it to be mounted on a clean and smooth concrete surface to ensure stability. Equipment or equipment are also available in the bicycle shop.


  • Ideal storage unit for the garden.
  • Ventilated condensation help gables
  • Bracing improved all along
  • Double door opening padlock
  • Modern style and solid finishing colour
  • Rust & Rot Evidence, practically free maintenance.


  1. Lotus Metal Bin Store

The Lotus collection from Globel is not only a storage solution, but it also looks amazing in any garden too.

The newly-designed Globel Wheelie Bin box has room for 2 regular 240-liter wheelie bins. The walls are 0.3 mm thick sheet steel, resistant not only to rust and rubber but also totally elegant.

The anthracite Gray is the ideal way to disguise your beautiful wheelie bins in any setting. The shop has a hinged cover and front door to enable use so you can quickly remove it when emptying.

This product is an automated assembly product and contains all the attachments needed.

The metal design is suitable for static caravan parks and holiday parks with storage bins and wooden storage units or sheds where restrictions can prevent.

It also offers those who want less maintenance a preferred option since metal sheds and units don’t have too much maintenance as their wooden equivalents. It is just the best-rated store on the market for a metal wheelie.


  • Perfect for 2 bins x 240L
  • Broad access door with double wing (121 cm x 136 cm)
  • Pneumatically robust spring doors
  • Hinged lid
  • Fan-free gables for condensation prevention
  • Higher bracing all over
  • Padlockable (padlock not included)
  • Anthracite grey prepainted
  • Maintenance minimum
  • No need to paint
  • No cracking or distortion
  • 15-year warranty of the manufacturer

Why should you buy a Metal Shed?


Many people assume sheds as small wooden structures that give their property an extra space, but metal sheds may offer the same functions as they are relatively financially beneficial.

This article will address some of the key benefits of metal sheds compared to typical wood sheds.

  1. Durability

Even if metal sheds are made of lightweight metals, they are unbelievably hard and durable.

Their durability is their greatest point of sale, and they are invincible by heat, humidity, moisture, unlike wooden sheds. And even plastic sheds use them in their basic support structure due to their high resilience.

Metals don’t get damaged quickly and can last for a long time. Only make sure you have a suitable drainage system, and you will enjoy it for more than a decade.

  1. Zero Maintenance

Protective layers galvanize and rust-resistant metal sheds. These layers postpone the beginning of the corrosion process by reducing its effect on sheets of metal.

You will save a lot of maintenance and time by picking a metal garden frame for your garden. You just have to repaint the house and clean it once a while, every five years, to get rid of the dirt.

  1. Metal sheds are environmentally friendly

Metal sheds are considered to be environmentally friendly and have many advantages for the environment as well.

Each part of a metal shed can be recycled and consists of recycled materials either before or after use.

These sheds have no environmental pressure. When an owner wishes to get rid of his shed, a broad range of items such as appliances, accessories, and lighting can be converted from the metal scrap derived from it.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and other green building certification programs continue to provide high metal building ratings.

It is the only construction material in the LEED program with a default value for recycled content.

  1. Cost-Efficient

The greatest advantage of metal sheds compared to their wooden counterparts is that they are inexpensive and cost-effective. You can get a larger metal storage shed if you have a budget constraint at the very same price as a wooden shed.

  1. Transporting metal sheds is simpler

Metal sheds are not quite as heavy as wood sheds in general. This will make transporting your shed simpler if you ever need to move it to a different location.



  • Storage

General space is among the most common uses of metal sheds. It may be a ticket if you need to store household valuables, outdoor fields, and garden equipment, or other random objects from a metal shed.

You may want to consider adding racks in the shed, such as a loft, to provide extra room for storing items outside the floor to get the maximum out of your storage area. 

  • Garage

You can easily purchase a metal shed, which can be used for a workshop with a bit of extra support to stabilize the floor.

It is not uncommon for us to build metal sheds with solid, strengthened floors and doors mounted on the roll-up garage.

You should consider the purchasing of ramps so that you can drive your vehicles or heavy equipment into or out easily if you intend to use your shed as a garage.

  • Workshop

Steel Sheds make excellent workshops. If you’re a woodworker, an emerging mechanic, or a furniture restorer, a shed is an excellent option for an inexpensive workspace.

Anywhere you are handy. In your shed can easily be built workbenches and cabinets to turn the room into your dream setting.

  • Pet Shelter

You can convert your shed into a comfortable living area for your dogs, chickens, and other animals with a little sweat, ventilation, and heating and air conditioning solutions.

You will always be able to provide custom doors to your animals and to make a pen on the side of the shed. A metal shed or a wooden shed has many reasons to choose.

Whatever is right for you, make sure that you will be searching in your area and select a well-known company to make sure that you have a shed that lasts several years.




Every garden is different, so everyone has their different requirements when it comes to metal sheds.

We have provided you some of the best ranges of metal sheds from top UK renowned companies and have explained each and every aspect, so you don’t have to be confused anymore. 

You can match the product with your requirements and enjoy the best quality products in the UK.


Best Garden Sheds UK
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